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Sep 13, 2005
-Child Editors Available For Interviews-

Spotlight on Halloween (And Other Seasonal Celebrations):

  • Which Approach Would You Take?: When He Wants A She Costume -- Page 68
    49% percent of respondents to a poll said they'd let their son dress as a girl because, as one respondent explains, "Four years old is prime imagination time." 43% of those polled felt differently. Experts say it's not a big deal - and perhaps more of a problem for parents than the child.
  • Halloween Cupcakes from Top Pastry Chefs -- Page 162
    Halloween treats. with a special flair. Five master bakers - including Colette Peters of Colette's Cakes (NYC), Sarah Farmer, co-owner of Sugar bakery (Santa Barbara, CA) and Vedika Webb, owner of Lotus Cake Studio (Philadelphia) -- create incredible confections for Child. Plus, for the home baker, recipes for basic, but undeniably scrumptious yellow and chocolate cupcakes.
  • The Halloween Hit Parade! -- Page 155
    Need costume inspiration? Child magazine's fanciful costume designs start with the basics - a leotard and tights for girls and a sweatsuit for boys. Included: Darling Dice (great for siblings); Firefighter (complete in his/her very own fire engine); Leaf Prince (or Princess); a Jockey; and a Hula Dancer.
  • Five Things to Do In October -- Page 27
    October's not just about hobgoblins and candy overload. Finding ways to encourage a love of language on Dictionary Day (10/16), rejecting wheels during International Walk to School Week (10/3 - 10/7) and creating a family tree with your child during Family History Month, are just a few other reasons to celebrate the season.


  • Rethinking Co-Sleeping -- Page 106
    Do the risks of bed-sharing outweigh the benefits? Experts reveal what's at stake in this controversial childrearing practice.
  • What Makes a Great Pediatrician? -- Page 135
    All moms and dads want the ideal doctor for their baby. In Child's exclusive survey, 1,200 parents told the magazine what they like most - and least - about theirs. Plus, what you should look for in your child's physician.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Second Child -- Page 131
    Six steps to help your firstborn adjust to a new sibling.
  • 10 Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep -- Page 102
    Say sweet dreams to troubled sleep tonight - from taking the right vitamins to treating yourself to the exquisite comfort of a down feather bed.
  • Sport Smarts -- Page 72
    In the Child interview of the month, kids' sports specialist Jordan Metzl, M.D., suggests strategies for a positive athletic experience.
  • How They Do It -- Page 99
    For professional, poker player and mother of four, Annie Duke, a "full house" is always a winner.

Editors from Child are available to discuss these and other tips from the October issu - on newsstands September 13 -October 10, 2005.


Susan Soriano