News Releases

Nov 15, 2005
-Child Editors Available For Interviews-


  • Holiday Special Child's Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide -- Page 128
    This year's most dazzling gifts for children - from clothing and keepsakes to toys, books and electronics.
  • Fifth Annual Best Children's Book Awards -- Page 140
    Child picks the top 50 titles of the year.
  • Holiday Fashions: Absolute Opulence -- Page 110
    Perfect party clothes for special occasions.
  • Ten Ways to De-Stress During the Holidays -- Page 105
    From zen moments to herbal accents, laugh therapy and journaling, strategies designed to give peace of mind.
  • The Gingerbread Man -- Page 120
    Pastry chef Mark Tasker of New York City's famed Balthazar Bakery shares his secrets for fun and delectable holiday creations.
  • Which Approach Would You Take? -- Page 16
    Strategies for shopping with wandering toddlers.
  • Kids' Entertainment -- Page 52
    The best holiday DVDs and seasonal ideas for fun.
  • Raising Kids with Religion -- Page 76
    During the holidays, spirituality is on many parents' minds. Child interviews three creative parents - including Grammy Award-winning singer Amy Grant - to see how they integrate faith and family.


  • The Remedy Revolution -- Page 152
    What's safe and what's not when it comes to treating children with herbs, hypnosis and other alternative medicine.
  • Whose Homework Is It Anyway? -- Page 82
    Expert pointers for how/when to help your child.
  • The Promise -- and Peril - of Genetic Testing -- Page 91
    A guide to prenatal screenings - how they are done, who they are for, and when they need to be taken.
  • Introducing Children to the Arts -
    With school music and art budgets cut, it is up to parents to culturally enrich their kids. Child offers resources and ideas for nurturing kids' love of Broadway, opera, dance and art.
  • Health and Safety -
    Whooping cough on the rise, ice-skating injuries, obesity advice (p. 61); skiing safety, chronic colds (p. 62); nutritious snacks, trans-fat labels, healthy hot chocolate (p. 64).

PLUS Great gadgets for family life (p. 48), a healthy New Year's brunch (p. 66) and stylish furnishings for design-savvy parents (p. 42).

Editors from Child are available to discuss these and other tips from the December/January issue - on newsstands November 15 to January 9.