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Feb 23, 2006
-Ladies' Home Journal Editors Available for Interviews-

Ladies’ Home Journal’s favorite Funny Lady of the Year, Teri Hatcher, dishes about fake boobs; hairpieces; sex, or lack thereof; love and baking in the March issue, on sale February 14.

On quitting the business before getting the role of Susan on Desperate Housewives:
“I used to call my agent and say, ‘I’m getting out of the business, I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna open a muffin store!’ I thought maybe I could be the Mrs. Fields of muffins.”

When was the last time she was in love?
“Um, never…Not the way I dream about being in love.”

On her (lack of a) love life:
“Seriously! It’s been over nine months. It’s crested into scary. It’s, like, gone from tolerable into nightmarish.”

What is she looking for in a boyfriend?
“I am ready to not roll over to an empty slot in my bed. And I don’t want to get married. But I want to be monogamous and I want to be with somebody I can trust and I can really divulge who I am, and all my secret fabulous mysterious passions, some of them dark and some of them not.”

Would she ever consider looking on
“That I can’t do,” she laughs. “Can you imagine that in the National Enquirer? That would be fun.” If she wrote her own personal ad, what would it say? “Gosh, well, it would have to have the word ‘desperate’ in it,” she jokes. What else? “I already told you the bad things. Like having trouble trusting, stuff like that. But I think I’m funny and creative and smart and spontaneous. And sexy,” she whispers.

On her off-screen reputation as a mother:
“Believe me, as much as it seems like I’m a celebrity to you, the thing I’m known for is throwing kick-ass children’s birthday parties.”

On the hair piece laying on the couch at The Tonight Show:
“I bring my hair wherever I go…Actually, you want to know what’s funny? Honestly? I’m the only girl on the show who doesn’t wear fake hair. But that’s kind of the industry secret.”

When the writer Lisa DePaulo met Teri backstage at The Tonight Show, Teri was taping her breasts together. “A temporary boob job,” Teri said as she laughed and hiked up her dress.

Contrary to popular belief, research suggests that married sex is more pleasurable than premarital sex. LHJ contributor Rick Warren explains why.

The Bible:
• God created humans as sexual beings. Instead of feeling guilty, embrace intimacy.
• Sex is more than a physical activity. Physical relationships between husband and wife are sacred.
• Research reveals a connection between “the intensity of a woman’s spiritual convictions and her satisfaction with sexual pleasures in marriage.”

• The Bible’s “The Song of Solomon” professes taking control of your sex life.
• Learn your partner’s needs by talking.
• Being open and honest intensifies emotional bonds.

• Sexual differences need to be addressed. Therapy is a good option to deal with such problems.
• Let yourself learn from your partner.
• “…It’s never too late to begin intentionally building an intimate atmosphere of affection in your marriage.”

A working mother of two in Maryland was promised $7,500 a month if she invested $35,000 in vending machines. She checked the company’s records with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), called referrals and visited the company’s headquarters, but her money ended up being squandered. In 2004, nearly a million similar incidents occurred. LHJ helps protect you from falling prey to similar scams.

Protect Yourself
• Common shams include medical billing systems, Web site companies and Internet kiosks.
• Victims are often stay-at-home moms or out of work dads attracted to the promises of good income, flexible work schedule and entrepreneurship.
• Scammers often pay for impressive promotional materials, cutting edge Web sites and sleek ads in newspapers, magazine and on TV.

Red Flags
• Guaranteed Results- No business can promise success.
• We’ve done the legwork- Assurances of customers eager to buy are probably lies.
• Just talk to our satisfied customers- References are often paid to lie. One former scammer admitted to spending $30,000 on a voice changer and satellite phone to disguise his voice and location.
• Do ask for a list of the company’s current investors and visit one of the company’s franchises.
• Ask the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about us- Phony businesses often pay to be a member of the BBB.
• The time is now- Scam artists want to finalize deals quickly leaving you no time to investigate.
• We’ve been at this for years- Scammers often buy the names of existing legitimate businesses. Be sure to seek the advice of your banker, accountant, lawyer and trusted friend to review any contracts from the company.

An estimated 1.5 million American women 40 and younger have osteoporosis. LHJ helps protect you and your family with a comprehensive guide to strong bone strategies at every age.

Ages 19 to 24- You reach your peak bone mass.

Healthy Bone Regimen
• Consume 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily– a little more than three 8-ounce glasses of milk– and 200 International Units (IUs) of vitamin D.
• Supplements are a good vitamin source if you do not get the daily requirement with food.
• Strength training, running or walking also maximize bone growth.

Strong Bone Strategies
• Coffee and other caffeinated beverages inhibit calcium absorption. Limit caffeinated drinks.
• Limit alcohol consumption to 6 oz. wine, 12 oz. beer or 1 oz. spirits a day.
• Watch the salt. Try low sodium packaged food.
• See a doctor if you miss your period for more than three consecutive months.
• If you take birth control pills, which provide estrogen, make sure to consume 1,000 mg calcium per day.

Ages 25 to 39- You’re starting to lose bone faster than it is being replaced.

Healthy Bone Regimen
• Maintain your calcium and vitamin D consumption.

Strong Bone Strategies
• Exercise routinely. Try to incorporate some strength training.
• Tell your doctor about any broken bones you may have had as an adult as these injuries could raise your osteoporosis risk.

Ages 40 to 49- You can lose bone at a rate of half a percent to three percent per year.

Healthy Bone Regimen
• Make sure to get 1,000 mg calcium daily, otherwise your bone loss can increase.

Strong Bone Strategies
• Studies show that 45 minutes of strength training twice a week helps maintain bone mass and slow bone loss.
• The pill can actually increase bone density in women whose estrogen levels are depleting.

Age 50 plus- Once your period stops, you can lose 30 to 50 percent of your bone mass over the next 10 years.

Healthy Bone Regimen
• Increase your calcium intake to 1,200 mg daily and make sure you get enough vitamin D (400-600 IUs.)

Strong Bone Strategies
• Discuss osteoporosis with your doctor. Depending on your family history or other risk factors, you may be a candidate for an “early” bone mineral density (BMD) test.
• Calcium supplements are recommended to make sure you get enough of the mineral.
• Boost your vitamin B with green vegetables, like spinach, broccoli and kale, and B-fortified cereal.
• Ask your doctor about bone-saving medications. You may be a candidate depending on your bone density and medical history.

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