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Feb 24, 2006
-Child Editors Available For Interviews-


An Old-Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt – Page 70
Create great family memories by hosting a fun seasonal celebration with festive refreshments, great games, and of course, colorful eggs!

At Home With Actress Shiva Rose – Page 79
A rose-themed nursery with fairy-tale appeal brings sweet dreams to Shiva Rose’s baby daughter, Charlotte.

Child’s Home Contest Winners – Page 87
Parents today take enormous effort and pride in making their homes kid friendly. Our readers’ award-winning kids’ spaces offer fabulous ideas for functional and fabulous decorating.


Mornings Made Easy – Page 40
No-nagging tips for a calmer routine.

Help Wanted - Page 103
Professional Potty Trainer – Why one desperate mother hired a tutor to toilet-train her child. Tips from a top toilet trainer.

How Does Your Child’s School Measure Up? - Page 44
Plus guidance for ensuring that your child gets an A+ education.

Child Magazine’s Third Annual Children’s Champion Awards – Page 110
A salute to Marlo Thomas, Joe Torre, and other dedicated individuals who are tirelessly striving today to improve kids’ tomorrows.

Infant Psychotherapy – Page 57
The newest thinking and approaches for helping babies’ emotional health.


Health News To Use - Page 29
The benefits of pets, help for the hearing-impaired, and a surprising sore throat statistic.

Office Visit - Page 30
Our pediatrician’s advice on how clean a home needs to be and handling little lies.

Nutrition News - Page 32
Does your child’s diet pack enough protein? Take our two minute quiz.

Behavior And Development - Page 38
Sound sleep advice, understanding childhood memories, and more.

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