News Releases

Feb 27, 2006
-Family Circle Editors Available for Interviews-

Easy Easter Eggs -- Page 15
Striped, dotted and zigzag eggs are too pretty to hide. Family Circle’s provides dying techniques and ideas for displaying your colorful creations.

Lost In Translation -- Page 24
Technologically speaking, teenagers have a language all their own. Here’s how to decipher the lingo, the lowdown on why kids love their cell phones and blogs, and what you need to do to keep them out of cyber-trouble.

Earth-Friendly Family Cars -- Page 44
If you want a more fuel-efficient way of getting around town, a hybrid may be just the car you’re looking for.

Special Report: There’s No Place Like Home -- Page 59
Homeschooling isn’t just for Christians, conservatives and free spirits anymore. Find out why more and more families just like yours are choosing it for their kids.

Workout Buddies -- Page 68
Good news: Take your dog for a walk and you’ll both lose weight.

$$$ Tips For Road Trips -- Page 70
Family Circle gives you the tips you need to keep costs down-and spirits up during a family road trip.

Clean Up His Act -- Page 76
You do too much. He doesn’t do enough. Family Circle shows you how to end the chore wars for good.

Family Guide To Allergies -- Page 91
Hay fever is nothing to sneeze at. Here’s the lowdown on how to keep your kdis and yourself free of sniffles and itchy eyes this spring.

The Truth About Multitasking -- Page 94
If you (like most women) haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s far more work than you think for your brain to do two or three things at once. Family Circle tells you why, and how to adjust your ways.

Instant Energy -- Page 100
The right snacks to eat-before work, after the gym, during a 4 p.m. slump – to rev up and slim down.

How To Buy A Vacuum -- Page 129
Upright or canister? HEPA or bag less? Here are some ground rules.

The April issue of Family Circle is available on newsstands March 28, 2006.

Marisa Ollins