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Mar 20, 2006
—Family Circle Editors Available For Interviews—

Pillow Talk -- Page 26
Add a few simple ribbons, buttons and fancy trims to turn ordinary cushions into little works of art. With just a few touches you can give no-frills pillows a starring role in your home.

Pots and Plans -- Page 33
Family Circle helps you create an instant garden in unexpected places – on a front porch, a patio, even a walkway. It’s easy when you know the ground rules for container planting. Also, tips to get your kids involved.

How to Buy a Dishwasher -- Page 40
Looking for a fashion plate or the strong, silent type? Family Circle’s guide will help you find your dishwasher match.

Picture This -- Page 46
Turning photos into keepsakes is a cinch if you know where to shop online. These cool items – think playing cards, a purse, a lamp and more – make perfect mother’s or father’s day gifts. (That is, if you can bear to part with them!)

The Young and the Reckless -- Page 53
It’s natural for teenagers to want to spread their wings, but some kids crash and burn. Family Circle takes a look at what makes them so prone to dangerous errors in judgment – and what you can do to guide them.

“I Changed My Life.” -- Page 62
Life is what you make it – and these four women wanted to make theirs better. Read on to see what they did, the lessons they learned and how you can do it too.

Girlfriend Getaway -- Page 74
All the two of you wanna do is have some fun. Family Circle found five great mini vacations for breaking away and bonding with your buddy.

Ask Dr. Ron -- Page 82
From schoolwork to drug use to messy rooms, raising adolescents can be daunting. Dr. Ron provides smart advice for keeping kids on track.

Furry Favorites -- Page 94
Pamper your pet with cool toys and neat treats.

Slim Down for Summer -- Page 111
Get the body you’ve always wanted by committing to our three-month shape-up plan.

Dinner in No Time -- Page 199
A well-stocked pantry and a few fresh items are the ingredients for super-fast suppers.

The May issue of Family Circle is available on newsstands April 18, 2006.

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