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Sep 12, 2006
-Halloween Editors Available for Interviews-

Pumpkin Gallery—Page 22
Carved, painted, or adorned with embellishments, our parade of pumpkins will inspire you to create your own haunting Halloween display. In this article you will find instructions for pumpkin carving basics as well as stencils for a haunted mansion, a frightfully-fun feline, a spine-chilling spider, grinning ghouls, creepy crows and a variety of pumpkin face cut-outs.

Twilight in Black & White – Page 16
Boost the fright factor with a scene that is utterly black and white. Use these bare-bones hues to create spectral scenes and stunningly stark silhouettes both indoors and out. Stop traffic with a witch silhouette on your front lawn. Fashion an eerie tabletop with handmade mummy heads over battery-operated votive candles. Create a nocturnal creatures centerpiece with white-painted pumpkins and black bats.

25 Ways to Spread the Spooky Spirit– Page 36
For anyone who dares to tread upon your front steps and cross your hexed threshold, fashion an eerie ambience with bewitching treats, trembling trays, mad science, whispering windows, mystery packages and sickly yuletide.

Eerie Edibles– Page 44
Imbue your Halloween party food with a playfully spooky attitude that is sure to please every little ghoul’s palate. Delectable treats include Kooky Cauldron Sundaes, Boneyard Treats made out of graham crackers and peanut butter, Creepy Crawlers made out of cookies and candies, Scary Cerebrum made out of shrimp, Mad Scientist Wraps and Wicked Witch’s Hat made out of popcorn and candies.

Halloween Party Guide—Page 78
Use our “CliffNotes” approach for the best monster bash ever! Compile your guest list and follow our clever and concise tips to throwing the best Halloween party of the season. Follow our tips on how to make invitations, ghoulish goblets, pumpkin piñatas, dancing skeleton glasses, take-home ghost loot bags and more.

Curb Appeal Halloween Style—Page 92
Lure your trick-or-treaters to your home with fun outdoor décor by painting a Halloween scene on your garage door or displaying a wheelbarrow full of bones and ghost luminaries.

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