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Sep 12, 2006
-Real + Life Decorating Editors Available for Interviews-

What’s Wrong/What’s Right—Page 30
Why is the bedroom the last place we decorate even though we spend more time there than anywhere in the house? Learn how to spot and correct common bedroom decorating mistakes and create a cozy haven in the room that can make or break your day.

Order in the House – Page 34
Stop the clutter chaos! Whether you are trying to organize your space at home or at work, try these tactics in your bathroom vanity, media cabinet, laundry area or your desk.

Decorating Secrets of Laurie Smith—Page 54
One of the original designers on TLC’s Trading Spaces, designer Laurie Smith shares how she traded her own spaces in her new home. She says the key to getting started on any home renovation or decorating project is to evaluate the space and find an inspiration point. In this article, the designer takes you through the process.

Steal This Look – Page 42
You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look. In this article, Houston homeowner Esther Hobbs shows how she did it on a tight budget. She wielded color instead of cash, deployed savvy accessories, and arranged furniture to divide the wide-open spaces. Her ideas will work in all home types.

How To Arrange Your Art– Page 48
Whip a blank wall into shape with an artful arrangement of prints, paintings, plates or photographs. Whether your style is staying in line, staggering the look, using an element of surprise or symmetry, you’ll learn how to do it just right.

Afraid of Wallpaper? Get Over It!—Page 78
Pretty patterns in artful combinations can bring a boring living room to life. Discover the dramatic impact different styles of wallpaper can have and learn how hanging wallpaper is easier than ever.

Furniture First Aid—Page 90
Turn a thrift-shop find into a glamorous treasure. As long as you purchase a piece with great lines, you can revive its style and increase its life expectancy by following the tips provided in this valuable guide.

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