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Nov 6, 2006
Parents December 2006 Issue Highlights
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What do you say when you son or daughter starts asking whether Santa is real?

When kids turn 6 or 7, they develop a more finely tuned sense of logic and reasoning. So at this stage in their development, many long-held and cherished beliefs—from the Tooth Fairy to Santa Claus—suddenly face their intense scrutiny.

Child development experts agree that you should never flat-out lie your child about Santa. But the editors at Parents suggest three strategies that will help you answer the question while preserving the joy of the holiday season. Pages 62 - 65.

Related: Frightened by Santa?
How to deal with small children who are afraid of Santa Claus – or for that matter, anyone else in disguise, such as the clown at a birthday party or a character at a theme park. Page 44.

Bad behavior is hard enough to deal with at home. But when it happens in a grocery store or a restaurant, you need to think fast – and keep it from happening again. We've got solutions for 5 tricky situations when all eyes seem to be watching. Pages 50 – 55.

Sidebar: How to Tame Humiliating Holiday Behavior
Here’s how to smooth things over when:

-Your child squirms when relatives try to kiss him

-Your child whines when her grandmother gives her a sweater instead of a toy

-Your child ignores your relatives and focuses on her new gifts instead

Or, The Parents Guide to How To Buy Everything You Need for a Smashing Party in One Trip To Your Local Warehouse Store! Great shortcuts to throwing a fabulous party with amazing appetizers, delicious entrees, and to-die-for desserts—without slaving away in the kitchen. Pages 181 – 188.

From writer Kristine Breese, a list of the eight simple gifts she wants to give her kids—ones that will mean more to them than the stuff they’ll find under the tree. Pages 132 – 136.

Indulge in a day of beauty, and look gorgeous for a night out or holiday party. Page 100.

GET IN THE SPIRIT WITH… THE PARENTS HOLIDAY PODCAST! Get great advice for the season with our special holiday edition of the Parents podcast. Highlights from this episode include: expert advice on Santa, tips on how to make playtime meaningful, and solutions for your trickiest holiday dilemmas. Download it now at


PEDIATRICIANS’ BEST COLD AND FLU REMEDIES: What Your Doctor Does When His Own Child Has a Nasty Cold, Fever or Flu. Pages 82 – 86.

PARENTS EMERGENCY GUIDE: CPR For Children. Lifesaving steps to rescue your child if she stops breathing. Plus: When you need to use CPR; CPR for babies; when to see an EMT asap. Page 75 - 76

VACCINE UPDATE 2007: The immunizations your child will get this year are safer – and more essential – than ever. The latest news about which shots kids need now. Page 119

FIVE NATURAL FERTILITY BOOSTERS: Trying to have a baby? Low tech, low cost strategies that can help you conceive. Page 92.

Editors from Parents are available to comment on these and other seasonal and newsworthy topics.

Susan Soriano