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Jan 16, 2007
Midwest Living January/February 2007 Issue Highlights

January/February 2007 Issue Shares the Very Best of Everything

Midwest Living is turning 20…And to celebrate two decades of covering the region’s latest, greatest and favorite travel, food, homes, gardens, and more, the January/February issue of Midwest Living shares the Heartland’s all-time Top 20s…

"In so many ways, the Midwest truly is a microcosm of our entire nation," Editor-in-Chief (and Founding Editor) Dan Kaercher says. Kaercher has logged over 30,000 miles over the past three summers exploring the sights, sounds and smells of the Heartland and discovering the region’s best travel destinations, food finds and parklands. “I’m here to prove that the Midwest is so much more than just ‘fly-by’ country,” Kaercher adds.

Our Top 20 Favorite Things
Midwest Living shares its straight-to-the-point tips for best places to eat, things to see, drives to take. In 20 years of covering the region, we’ve found a lot to love, but this is the short list of the all-time favorites, including the top scenic drives, farmer’s markets, waterfalls, delis, art enclaves, resorts and more.

20 Midwesterners Who Changed the World
Midwesterners may not talk big very often, but they certainly make an impact by doing. Every piece of society owes much to the Midwest from Presidents (Lincoln and Eisenhower) and inventors (Edison and the Wright Brothers) to artistic entertainers (Walt Disney, Oprah, Mark Twain and Charles Schulz) to business moguls (Warren Buffett and McDonald’s Ray Kroc). The list includes some controversial characters, but who no doubt changed the world, like Harry Truman who allowed the use of atomic bombs in WWII.

Midwest Icons A to Z
Midwest Living shares the defining images that make this region and the people who live here so special. A visual A-Z tour of the region’s classic hallmarks take you from the American Gothic house in Fidon, Iowa (and the painting at the Art Institute of Chicago) to the drama of the Thunderstorms on the plains and the classic U-pick produce farms across the Midwest.

Top 20 Midwest Food Inventions & Midwest Living’s 20 Best Recipes
The Midwest has turned out everything from breakfast cereal, the ice cream sundae and sliced bread to the pop-top beer can, backyard grilling and blue cheese. In this issue, Midwest Living names the top 20 Midwest food creations that have affected the entire world, as well as the editors’ picks of the magazine’s top recipes of all-time.

20 Style Innovators
Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Stickley and Charles Eames – all are legends who sprung from the Midwest. But they aren’t the only ones that rule design. We chose 20 of today’s home style influencers who are driving America’s sense of style with cutting edge products, fresh design or expert advice. Think Crate & Barrel, Pella Windows, Nate Berkus, Target and Kohler.

Home Styles: Then & Now
Twenty years ago, a family with a mom, dad and 2.5 kids was the norm. We were building houses to look just like our neighbors’ and decorating by traditional rules. We’ve gone from cookie-cutter homes to customized retreats, formal design to eclectic style and formal living rooms and closed kitchens to connected, open floor plans. The Midwest knows homes – it has maintained the highest home-ownership for the past 20 years – and Midwest Living chronicles the changes in home design, decorating and lifestyle over the last two decades.

The January/February issue of Midwest Living is available on newsstands now through February 28.

Lisa Bagley