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Feb 23, 2007
Better Homes and Gardens March 2007 Issue Highlights

Touch of Lace; pg. 21
Take a lovely favorite and give it a new spin. Old-fashioned lace inspired these up-to-date projects that bring a little flounce to your rooms.

Paper Punch; pg. 28
Turn a plain wooden tray into a stylish showpiece with decorative papers. It’s as easy as cut and paste. Better Homes and Gardens provides step-by step instructions with some quick tips to make this craft project super fun and easy.

On a Roll; pg. 80
Wrapped up in random ribbons and growing piles of fabric? Turn an empty wall into a vertical storage solution. Solving the clutter issue is as simple as hanging a curtain rod. Read the March issue of Better Homes and Gardens for the secret.

March Gardener; pg. 120
When you can’t wait any longer for spring, clip a few branches of early flowering shrubs and trees and force them to bloom indoors. Let the gardening experts show you what to look for.

9 Ways to get a Jump on Spring; pg. 124
There is plenty you can do to keep your green thumb in practice, even if the last frost is weeks away. Better Homes and Gardens has some gardening chores that will help you get back into the swing of things.

Meat & Potatoes; pg. 182
Fresh for Spring beef combos you will love with bold flavors, bright looks, easy techniques and timesaving ingredients.

Home for Dinner; pg. 212
Better Homes and Gardens offers 5 everyday easy recipes that are ready in twenty minutes and easy on your budget. These recipes are simple and flavorful for the whole family to enjoy.

Ten to Try – One Bite Wonders; pg. 218
Deputy Food Editor Nancy Wall Hopkins offers ten delicious ideas for dressing up everyday snack crackers. From fruit and cheese to sweet surprises, there is a taste of something for everyone to enjoy.

The March issue of Better Homes and Gardens is available on newsstands February 20, 2007.

Katharine S. Reitz