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Feb 23, 2007
Diabetic Living Spring 2007 Issue Highlights

DES MOINES (February 19, 2007) – The spring issue of Diabetic Living magazine (, features health and nutritional advice, as well as tips on fitness and inspiration for people living with diabetes.

Featured articles in the spring 2007 issue include:

For woman with diabetes or at risk of developing it, Diabetic Living reports on how the disease can affect women from adolescence through menopause and beyond. Here, information to help women manage through each stage of their life. Certain issues change as you get older, while others stay with you throughout your life. Find 10 tips to help you stay healthy through all stages.

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Here you’ll find recipes for lightened cheesecakes, cocoa crepes, angel food cake and much more. Your family and friends will love every single bite. Also some hints for lightening recipes include:
• Decrease the sugar
• Use plain fat-free yogurt to make yogurt cheese and use in place of whipped cream and cream cheese.
• Bake with cake flour
• Top baked desserts with powered sugar
• Skip the crust
• Use unsweetened cocoa powder
• Opt for egg whites

FUN FIT & FREE (Pg. 60)
Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street created a program by this name in 2000. The mayor challenged the city to lose weight, get fit and lower incidents of diabetes. Read how elements of this program may help you on the road to better health. Mayor Street designed this program not only to be simple and fun, but accessible to the public. They offered free classes and seminars, and gave participants a “passport” to record their travel journeys. The program also offered advice such as assessing blood pressure, weight and body fat before starting. Some suggestions include: carry a passport to record your progress, and help spread the message – share the results and encourage others to join you.

Learning you have diabetes is an emotional experience that can arouse difficult feelings. But how you choose to face this life-changing illness can have a great impact on your overall well-being. Diabetic Living offers some help along the way. Involving your family can help you better cope with what you are feeling. Also, assemble a team of health care professionals that you like. This will help you be able to share your feelings more comfortably. Get busy and think positively – it can be very therapeutic. Finally, get help when you need it. If you are still feeling negative emotionally, make sure to reach out for professional help.

The spring issue of Diabetic Living is available on newsstands until May 22, 2007 for $5.99.

About Diabetic Living
Diabetic Living magazine, a Meredith Corporation Special Interest Media published quarterly, addresses special nutrition, exercise and lifestyle needs related to diabetes. The magazine keeps readers informed—with the help of key physicians, scientists, registered dietitians, and other experts—on the latest research, and provides timely insights into how to lower your diabetes risk. Meredith Special Interest Publications are the largest collection of newsstand publications in the world, with approximately 200 issues a year in the areas of building and remodeling; decorating and design; cooking and entertaining; gardening and outdoor living; health and nutrition; and crafting.