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Sep 4, 2007
Family Circle October 17, 2007 Issue Highlights

—Family Circle Editors Available For Interviews—

Into the Woods; pg. 20
Bring fall’s natural beauty indoors with home décor ideas crafted from leaves.

Home Improvement; pg. 28
Shed new light on any room with one of these sconces.

How to buy a Down Comforter; pg. 30
Down or feathers? Heavy or lightweight?

Police Academy; pg. 39
Are schools doing enough to protect their students? Or have they gone too far?

Community Service; pg. 46
When this mom learned her daughter had a rare disease, she turned to her neighbors to fund a cure.

The Buck Stops Here; pg. 52
If money is draining from your bank account, try these fixes.

Kids Health; pg. 61
New smoking stats; a healthier Halloween, apples and asthma; concern over snoring.

Diet Success; pg. 66
The motivation you need to stay thin for good.

Wake-Up Call; pg.73
Overcome insomnia, fight fatigue and get the rest you need.

Treat Yourself; pg.94
Scrubs, self tanners and styling tools that help you feel like a star.

Fall Trends; pg.96
Layer on the style with wearable prints, fabrics and new sleeker shapes.

Go Nuts; pg.105
Add pecans, almonds and walnuts to salads, pasta and more for simply delicious meals.

In the Family Kitchen; pg.112
Cook up some fun with your kids.

30 Minutes Max; pg.116
Beat the dinner rush with recipes from our new Family Circle Cookbook.

The October 17th issue of Family Circle is available on newsstands on September 25th.

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