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Oct 25, 2007
Family Circle November 1, 2007 Issue Highlights
-Editors Available for Interview-

Kitchen Confidential; pg. 22
What’s cooking in family kitchens? Loads of storage and multiple workstations -- plus environmentally friendly décor and appliances.

Green Goods; pg. 26
Stylish, eco-smart designs that have big impact. From faucets to sinks, cabinets and hardware.

Fringe Benefits; pg. 29
Try an easy-to-grow feathery fern nestled on a table or perched on a kitchen counter- and escape the ordinary. Plus: six easy-care varieties.

The Desktop; pg. 38
If business as usual means you can’t find what you’re looking for Family Circle helps you get organized.

How to buy a Snowblower; pg. 40
Looking to clear a short path to the front door? Or need something powerful to blast out a big driveway? Family Circle’s got the cold, hard facts on all the models.

Daddy’s Home; pg. 48
Identity crisis? Loneliness? Missing his role as breadwinner? Not Mike Stilwell, who’s found that being there for his three kids, is the most fulfilling job of all.

Teens behind the Wheel; pg. 55
Car crashes are the number one killer of teens – and in most accidents alcohol isn’t even the culprit. Learn about the common dangerous distractions that are costing kids their lives and what you can do to stop them.

Film School; pg. 62
No more Saturday nights at the maxed-out multiplex – setting up a home theatre system is simpler than ever. Family Circle’s best picks for every space and budget.

Your Child, Your Self; pg.77
Connecting with a kid who’s your polar opposite is easier than you think.

Recipe for Success; pg.83
Sandra Lee is known for her best-selling semi-homemade cookbooks and Food Network show. But in this exclusive adaptation of her moving memoir, she reveals her difficult past and shares what it takes to turn tragedy into triumph.

A Word of Thanks; pg.92
…goes a long way to making you feel good about all you do for your family, your friends, and your boss. Learn how to get the credit you deserve so you won’t feel taken for granted.

The November 1st issue of Family Circle is available on newsstands on October 14th.

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