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Apr 24, 2008
Better Homes and Gardens May 2008 Issue Highlights
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Spirit of Cinco
On May 5th, borrow the San Francisco Rallo family’s traditions for a simple high-color, low-stress afternoon fiesta (Page 141).

Take it From Mom – Casseroles, Classic and Modern
When it comes to comfort cooking, mom knows best. Better Homes and Gardens shares four of mom’s unforgettable casseroles – with a classic spin and a modern twist (Page 188):

Modern: Creamy Potato Casserole – Classic: Potato-Ham Bake
Modern: Herb Chicken and Orzo – Classic: Chicken Alfredo and Rice Casserole
Modern: Lemony Tuna and Pasta – Classic: Tuna Noodle Casserole

Brilliant Salads for the Season
Supercharge the nutrition of this season’s most popular main dish meal with the power of color. Better Homes and Gardens shares tips for getting the most nutritional bang from every mouthwatering munch by Seeing Red (radishes, radicchio, grapes and red sweet peppers), Going Green (spinach, arugula, watercress and romaine), Basking in Yellow and Orange (carrots, pineapple, squash, mangoes and corn) and Embracing White (feta cheese, low-fat sour cream, egg whites and chicken breast). In addition to ingredient tips, recipes include: Grilled Tuna Salad; Greek Chicken Salad; Salsa, Black Bean, and Rice Salad; and Roast Pork Salad with Ginger-Pineapple Dressing (Page 210).


Game On! Keep Kids Active With the Games You Used to Play
Games like Duck, Duck, Goose and Freeze Tag are more than nostalgic pastimes, they’re also fun ways for families to spend time together while offering excellent form of exercise, especially for young kids, who are more likely to get physically active if the incentive of fun is involved. Also try Ghost in the Graveyard, Kick the Can, Red Rover, Freeze Tag, Sharks and Minnows and Steal the Bacon (Page 260).


Burn Calories Around the House
By modifying things you already do, you can turn your home into a fat-scorching machine without eating up much of your increasingly rare spare time. Tone in front of the tube, squat with the laundry and get your cardio in while cleaning with these simple ideas (Page 241).

Keep Your Brain Young
The neuroscientist who coined the expression “Use it or lose it” knew what she was talking about. A recent study at Columbia University confirms that the more social outings and hobbies adults pursue – such as playing cards, attending lectures, or gardening – the lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Better Homes and Gardens went to the experts to find the top things you need to be doing to maintain your cognitive strength including nutrition tips, exploration and education ideas and computer brain games that can make your mind limber (Page 246).

Build Up Your Bones
Osteoporosis is a serious threat to women’s health. Learn the seven best practices to keep your skeleton at its sturdiest (Page 253).


Prepare to Save Energy & Money in Warmer Weather
We’ve all heard the tips to conserving energy and saving money in the winter and now it’s time to prepare to do the same as the temperatures rise. Better Homes and Gardens shares a complete guide to reduce your home energy bills. They seem simple, but they’re also effective. The guide includes Everyday Practices, Regular Maintenance and One-Time Upgrades (Page 78).

All About Apricot
Sun-kissed and cheerful, apricot colors fill any room with warmth and light. Better Homes and Gardens shares the hue’s best paint choices, accessories and tips for combing apricot with other colors and the furniture you already have (Page 32).

Porch Makeover
Jump-start summer. Turn your sparse porch into a bright, summery escape using a mix of wicker standards and modern pieces plus affordable decorating tricks including how to paint vinyl roller shades and turn table linens into cushion covers (Page 43).

Create a Combo Office & Bedroom with Stephen Saint-Onge
A recent Better Homes and Gardens survey found that more than half of all homeowners under 43 expect to need a full-time home office in the next five years. And the May issue shows you how to make this possible. One small room can function as two with a little planning and savvy storage pieces. Designer Stephen Saint-Onge shows you how to make an uninspiring office or bedroom space into a hardworking office by day and welcoming guest room by night (Page 49).

Decorate With Photos
Pull your family photography together into three easy, gallery-worthy displays: a Classic Composition in coordinated frames on a table top; a Casual Mix layered on the mantle with mixed in mirrors and ribbon; or a Graphic Contrast with bold solid frames hung directly on the edges of a bookshelf (Page 60).

Vacuum Test Drive
Is your vacuum getting in the way of an organized cleaning closet? Downsize to a new compact model. We put more than 20 compact, full service vacuums to the test in our own homes and picked the best models, both upright and canister, for tackling everything from dirt and pet hair on carpets, hardwood, stair and upholstery. The vacuums were judged on their weight, stowability, appearance and noise level. Now, the dirt is gone and the results are in…(Page 88).

May Gardener: Spring Bulbs for Summer
Plant the season’s hottest bulbs this month. Tuck a few summer bulbs or tubers (gladiolus, canna, dahlia, calla lily, caladium, crocosmia, agapanthus or tuberose) into your garden – target the places of the spring bulbs that will finish blooming any day – and add more bright color to your landscape in just a few weeks.

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