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Sep 30, 2011
October 2011 Issue Launches New Age and Stage Appropriate

(New York, NY)—September 29, 2011--American Baby today announced that it will be combining advanced print production technology with the latest consumer insights and editorial expertise to deliver a customized consumer experience. The personalized content is aligned with each reader’s journey through pregnancy and new motherhood. This strategy, along with the brand’s extensive  direct-to-home circulation, monthly frequency and expansive brand presence across media platforms, make American Baby the only multi-platform provider targeting expectant and new moms. 

Starting with the October 2011 issue, each month of American Baby will now contain vibrant and high impact “Just for You” content with information that is specific to the reader’s month of pregnancy or newborn’s age.   “Just for You” is informed by Momtrak®, American Baby’s exclusive and comprehensive market research which is based on feedback from 5,000 women.

“Just for You” is bound into the magazine and packaged to engage millennial readers with boxes, sidebars, and light articles with tautly edited text and original photography. “Just for You” will appear in issues in addition to American Baby’s recent editorial updates, which include a modern look, buoyant feel and friendly voice.

American Baby has been the leading authority for moms on the journey through pregnancy and new motherhood for 70 years and we’ve always grown and changed with our readers,” says Dana Points, Editor In Chief, American Baby. “We know millennial readers crave customization in everything from cereal to sneakers. Why shouldn’t their magazine be tailored to them too? “Just for You” gives them the stories they want, when they need them most.”

“Just for You” allows American Baby to have authentic, all-knowing, and age- and stage-appropriate conversations with today’s moms. For example, a woman in her fourth month of pregnancy would receive “Just for You” content that includes an in-depth feature on gender differences, as she is on the cusp of finding out the sex of her baby. A woman in her ninth month of pregnancy would receive content that includes breathing exercises and a guide to a happy hospital stay.

American Baby’s targeted and multiplatform approach is providing new opportunities for advertisers.   The response to the customization has propelled both paging and revenue for the October 2011 issue. Paging is up 19.5% and revenue is up 38.5% from October 2010.

American Baby has always been an innovator—it was the original 360 brand,” says Carey Witmer, Executive Vice President, President of The Parents Network.   “The new, customized content allows us not only to transform the conversation we are having with its readers, but the conversation advertisers can have with their consumers.  American Baby provides more opportunity for advertisers to become an indispensible part of their consumers’ lives.”