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Aug 21, 2020
Meredith Corporation Data Studio Reveals Insight Into How Parents Are Preparing For The Back-to-School Season
Emotional and Social Benefits of Their Children Returning to the Classroom Becoming Less of a Priority for Moms as They Weigh Safety Concerns
Parents Look to Create Better Home Study Spaces for Their Kids and Paper Bag School Lunches to Make a Comeback

NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Data Studio of Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP) – the leading multi-platform media company focused on women, reaching more than 190 million American consumers every month and nearly 95% of all women in the U.S.— today announced new data-rich insights revealing parents' mindsets and plans in the areas of safety and remote learning to shopping and meal preparation as the back-to-school season begins. 

School Reopening
Since mid-May, the number of moms who are looking forward to schools reopening has dropped by 14 points to 27%. Academic benefits of in-school learning have been consistently recognized, but moms' perception of the emotional and social benefits has declined by 10 points to 51%. Based on what they know now, 1 in 2 moms expect their schools will offer at least some type of in-classroom learning, but only 4 in 10 feel ready to send their children back to school. And, 20% of moms will keep their children home if their schools offer in-classroom learning, while 21% of moms are unsure.

With 44% of moms worried about their child getting sick, many parents may be concerned about the possibility of their kids transporting the coronavirus home with them on their clothing and school materials. Articles centered on cleaning and disinfecting items such as clothes, toys and car interiors have been trending up significantly since the pandemic outbreak. Views of articles centered on "disinfect/disinfectant" were up 36,531% year-over-year in April/May. The Meredith Data Studio expects many moms to equip themselves and their kids with gels, sprays and wipes to minimize risk. 

In an effort to minimize germ exposure, more parents will pursue school transportation alternatives to school buses and public transit. In addition to more parents driving drop-offs, Meredith Data Studio foresees an increase in walking carpools, biking, and scootering. These new kid-powered commutes will increase the need for reflective coats, safety gear, rain gear, helmets, smartphones and backpacks. saw a 31% year-over-year increase in views of articles centered on "bikes/biking" in April/May.

Remote Learning
Nearly one-third (32%) of moms are worried their child will fall behind if remote learning continues this fall, as it is expected to in most areas. More parents find themselves standing in as tutors and teaching aids. Also, since many parents are busy working from home and are probably a bit rusty on scholastics, the Meredith Data Studio expects strong demand for study aids, workbooks, tablets and learning apps to continue. This spring, saw an 81% year-over-year increase in views of articles centered on "learning" and a 150% year-over-year increase in views of articles on "math-and-science."

As remote learning and homeschooling are likely to become a reality for many children this fall, parents are focused on improving study spaces at home. In fact, unique views of articles centered on "kids + bedrooms" were up 72% year-over-year in April/May. Many parents are purchasing desks, loft beds, desk lamps, chairs, lap desks and elevated décor for their kids' rooms to create inspiring study spaces. The Meredith Data Studio is also seeing a surge in parents checking to see if putting a TV in the kids' rooms is a smart idea – likely to allow connection with teachers, educational programming, classmates and friends on larger, hands-free screens. Views of articles centered on "kids and TV" were up 537% year-over-year in April/May.

Back-to-School Shopping
Since most kids will at least in part be schooling from home this fall – and more schools may shift to paperless homework, books and assignments to minimize spread of germs – Meredith Data Studio expects an uptick in parents purchasing laptops, tablets, headphones, monitors, docking stations, smart speakers (the number of voice-based education apps/skills is growing) and faster Wi-Fi routers to equip their kids with new approaches to learning.  Views of articles centered on technology and streaming media, such as podcasts, apps, streaming services and virtual experiences have risen 314% year-over-year since the start of the pandemic.

School Lunch
Though many parents have embraced reusable lunch totes, sandwich containers and treat bags (in an effort to support sustainability), the Meredith Data Studio predicts a return to paper sacks, plastic sandwich bags, plastic cutlery and single-serve chips and treats that can be thrown away or recycled at school after eating. Many moms will include hand sanitizer or wipes in sack lunches so kids can wipe down their desks and hands. 

Meal Preparation This Fall
More parents will be working from home this fall (and 51% of moms saying they're likely to continue working from home after the outbreak), giving them more time to prepare hot breakfasts and home-cooked dinners. Nearly a third of moms (31%) are looking for kid-friendly recipes. The Meredith Data Studio expects strong demand for single-serve breakfast foods (pancakes, waffles, egg sandwiches), grab-and-go snacks and easy dinner meals. Views of "5 ingredients or less" recipes on grew 26% year-over-year in May. Since days will be busy and budgets tight, parents are likely to show a preference for budget-friendly, family-friendly meals. Views of budget-friendly recipes on were up 30% year-over-year in June. 

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