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Jan 22, 2020
Allrecipes, America's Largest Digital Food Media Brand, Hits Traffic Milestone And Debuts New Look as Home Cooking Habits And Preferences Continue To Evolve
Site Traffic Hits All-Time High of 60.3 million, Up 8.5% Year over Year
Allrecipes Magazine Achieves Biggest Audience Ever at 9.7 Million Readers
74% of Women Home Cooks Are Using More New Recipes Than They Were Two Years Ago; 59% Are Cooking More Often from 'Healthy' Recipes Than Two Years Ago

NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Meredith Corporation's (NYSE: MDP, Allrecipes, the largest digital food media brand in the U.S., marks its biggest digital and print audiences ever, with an all-time monthly high of 60.3 million unique visitors* to the site, and a record 9.7 million readers** of the magazine. The brand also debuts a new Allrecipes logo, as well as enhancements to the print magazine with a new regular column, expanded lifestyle content and more coverage of standout home cooks. In addition, the brand is increasing the amount and variety of original digital content across platforms, including new video series, a new podcast, more coverage of food news and trends, product reviews, and instructional pieces to enhance the experience of modern home cooks and foodies across the country as their habits and preferences evolve.

In December 2019, had the most unique visitors to its site in its 23-year history and remains the largest U.S. food media brand. The refreshed Allrecipes Magazine February/March 2020 issue is up 26 percent in advertising revenue versus the same issue last year. As the brand hits advertising and audience growth milestones across digital and print, Allrecipes is expanding its content offering with an increasingly diverse mix of stories and features covering lifestyle, family, and healthy living topics.

Catherine Levene, President of Meredith Digital, said, "The breadth of our audience and the depth of its engagement with the Allrecipes brand gives us powerful insight into what's really going on in kitchens across the country. We're in a unique place to be able to uncover trends as they're emerging to create recipes, stories, videos, products, social posts and more that provide the solutions and inspiration home cooks want right now. The brand's fresh new look speaks to its modern point of view on food and the culinary lifestyle of our audience which is increasingly wellness minded, adventurous in the kitchen, and time starved."

A new column titled "Veg Up" highlights vegetarian or vegan recipes from the Allrecipes community as more and more people look for delicious plant-rich options.  Two new video series called Recipe for Romance and Chunks inject humor and pop culture into cooking, offering fun takes on food in fresh and entertaining ways. The new podcast hosted by author and celebrated home cook Martie Duncan will feature conversations with cooks of all kinds from home cooks and Allrecipes Allstars to authors, celebrities, and the occasional pro sharing their personal food stories and the memories and traditions behind their favorite foods and recipes. The new podcast speaks to the growing interest in heritage and authenticity when it comes to cooking. 

According to new Allrecipes research in a report titled "Allrecipes 2020: Trends in Home Cooking," American female home cooks show increased curiosity and connectedness around food that's driving a strong appetite for adventure and cultural heritage as well as healthfulness when it comes to food choices. 74% of these cooks are using more new recipes than they were two years ago and 47% say they are always looking to add new flavors to their foods and like to try foods they haven't eaten before. 

Allrecipes home cooks are embracing the convenience and speed of newer, faster cooking methods. Multi-cookers are the fastest-growing cooking appliance of the past decade, and views of recipes that use multi-cookers soared 772% year over year in the past 12 months. Views of air fryer recipes are up 300% year over year. Home cooks are also looking for more convenient shopping options. More than 2 million Allrecipes home cooks used Instacart for grocery shopping in June 2019, up 14%, from 1,793,000 in June 2018. And, 23% of Allrecipes women cooks say they're interested in pre-ordering items online from the grocery store for pick-up or delivery.

Female home cooks are also paying closer attention to how their food is grown, where it comes from and how they're preparing it. Motivated by health and dietary goals, concerns about climate change and a desire to reduce animal cruelty, cooks are becoming much more thoughtful about their consumption of meats and dairy products. 66% of Allrecipes women are eating more organic foods than they did two years ago, and 28% say their families will have occasional vegetarian meals or days to eat healthier, and 5% are eating entirely vegetarian diets. 

And when it comes to gathering with friends and family, entertaining is becoming less formal, less structured, less planned. Allrecipes women home cooks are excited to bring family and friends together for all types of holidays and "smallidays;" 44% say they prefer entertaining to be easy and frequent instead of only for elaborate special occasions.

Allrecipes: Recipes Trending Now and Trending Next in America's Home Kitchens
Trending "now" are current, more mature trends that are more pervasive at the moment, and trending "next," are trends that are up and coming and are earlier in their growth trajectories:

Now: Filipino Cuisine
Next: Indian Cuisine

Now: Pork Belly
Next: Mexican Chorizo

Now: Chipotle
Next: Harissa

Now: Korean Fried Chicken
Next: Peruvian Chicken

Now: Turmeric 
Next: Tamarind

Now: Chia Seeds
Next: Hemp Seeds

Now: Quinoa
Next: Millet and Farro

Now: Sweet Potatoes
Next: Plantains

Now: Coconut Milk
Next: Avocado Oil

*Source: Comscore December, 2019
**Source: MRI Fall, 2019

Allrecipes, the world's largest community-driven food brand, provides trusted resources to more than 60 million home cooks, publishes recipes from home cooks around the world who connect and inspire one another through photos, reviews and videos. Since its launch in 1997, Allrecipes has become a dynamic, indispensable resource for cooks of all skill levels seeking trusted recipes, cooking trends, entertaining ideas, every day and holiday meal solutions, grocery savings information and practical cooking tips. The brand helps cooks shop, budget and make healthy, sustainable choices in the kitchen. In addition to the site, Allrecipes produces content across numerous platforms, including voice skills, smart appliances, apps and podcasts. Allrecipes Magazine, the magazine industry's first large-scale digital-to-print brand extension, reaches an audience of 9.7 million. Published six times a year, the magazine has grown rapidly to a 1.4 million rate base from 500,000 at its inception six years ago.

Allrecipes 2020 Trends in Home Cooking report explores the key trends driving shifts in American home cooks' meal and ingredient choices today and in coming years. The report explores ingredients, cooking methods, meal formats, dietary choices and global cuisines trending now and in the next 24 months. Report insights are gathered from Meredith's proprietary data and insights platform which applies a highly proprietary food taxonomy across 5 billion recipe, article and video views on from Jan 2017 through December 2019. The report also includes 2018 survey data of women on the Allrecipes Community Speaks panel.


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