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Dec 15, 2021
EatingWell Announces Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends for 2022
Superfood Lattes, Brain Food, and Waste-Free Cooking Make the List

NEW YORK, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Dotdash Meredith's EatingWell, the ultimate source for people passionate about food, health, and wellness, announced the list of 2022 Food and Nutrition Trends, selected by its editors.

EatingWell's editors, along with their team of registered dietitians and test kitchen cooks, used consumer data and editorial insights to predict the top 10 seasonal trends that will resonate most with the EatingWell audience in the coming months from timely topics, such as beauty from the inside out, given the importance placed on selfcare, to increasingly popular trends like sustainable grains, a response to concern about climate change.

"EatingWell has the inside scoop when it comes to food trends and innovations hitting the market. We see, taste, and test hundreds of new products each year. We can also see what people are clicking on the most—and we can use that data to connect the dots to project what's trending up (or down)," says Digital Content Director, Penelope Wall.

EatingWell's list of the 2022 Food and Nutrition Trends* is as follows:

  1. Beauty from the Inside Out: This year on, views on healthy aging articles and videos grew a whopping 1,498% from last year.
  2. Edibles & Cannabis: On, views on edibles-related articles increased 179% this year, while hemp and CBD-related articles saw some declines.
  3. Superfood Lattes: From functional coffee mixes to adaptogen add-ins, people are looking for more than a caffeine buzz in their morning cup of joe.
  4. Waste-Free Cooking: On, views on articles related to food waste jumped 1,242% this past year.
  5. Brain Food: Views on articles and meal plans related to the Mind Diet are up 835%.
  6. Kelp & Seaweed: You can expect kelp and other sea plants to make their way into all sorts of foods as kelp pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and it's a healthy plant-based food.
  7. Sustainable Grains: As consumers demand more accountability from food producers and manufacturers, we can expect to see more brands spearheading sustainable ingredients and supporting regenerative agriculture.
  8. Everyday Seafood: On this year, views on fish- and seafood-related articles and recipes are up 93% and 104% respectively.
  9. Plant-Based Diet: Plant-based eating continues to trend upward as people look to cut back on meat and eat more vegetables, likely due to cost and availability of meat products and a desire to eat healthier and more sustainably. 
  10. Chillable Red Wines: The natural wine movement has pushed the boundaries on stiff and outdated wine rules and played a big role in the rise and popularity of 'chillable red.

*Via (January 2021December 2021 vs. January 2020December 2020).

To learn more about all the trends on the list, read the complete writeup here.

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