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May 21, 2024

The BHG 2024 DIY Trend Report Unpacks the "Fear of Messing Up," Generational Attitudes Toward DIY Projects, and the Enduring Popularity of the Neutral Aesthetic

NEW YORK and DES MOINES, Iowa, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Better Homes & Gardens announces the first-ever BHG 2024 DIY Trend Report, which reveals the motives, emotions and hurdles that home DIYers face today. According to the report, American homeowners and renters say that fear is the number one obstacle DIYers face today, with over 70% of respondents admitting they have avoided DIY projects due to "FOMU" – the fear of messing up. Contrary to the much-maligned "sad beige" aesthetic, the study also uncovers a surprising trend: 65% of respondents actually favor the timeless appeal of neutral colors over bold and bright options.

FOMU: The study found that one of the biggest factors holding DIYers back is the fear of messing up, or "FOMU," avoiding a DIY project out of fear of making a costly or dangerous mistake.

  • 70% of respondents have called a professional to handle a home improvement project due to FOMU.
  • Top causes of FOMU are #1 not trusting themselves to do it correctly, #2 being afraid of making costly mistakes, and #3 worrying about potentially dangerous consequences.

MPRS: Another obstacle that home DIYers face is what's called mid-project regret syndrome, or "MPRS," which is the feeling when you lose momentum in the middle of a DIY project.

  • 89% of survey respondents have experienced MPRS, with the rates even higher for Gen Z (95%) and Millennials (94%).
  • 74% reported they currently have abandoned projects in their homes.
  • Top causes of MPRS are #1 projects taking longer than expected, #2 feeling exhausted, and #3 unexpected costs cropping up.

COLOR TRENDS: In terms of interior design, the "millennial gray" and "sad beige" aesthetics get a lot of hate, but it turns out that neutrals are still on trend.

  • 65% prefer a neutral colored, minimalist home over a colorful, maximalist home.
  • One in four respondents avoid bright colors altogether at home.
  • #1 role of color in the home is to create a "relaxing and peaceful environment."

DEMOGRAPHIC DYNAMICS: The study revealed how different generations and genders think about DIY projects and the motivations and challenges they experience.

  • For Gen Z, lack of budget is the worst part of doing a DIY project, followed by feeling like they don't have the right skills.
  • 85% of Boomers feel relieved when handing a project over to a professional.
  • Gen Z's #1 reason for attempting home DIY projects is that DIY is a creative outlet for them.
  • Men are significantly more likely than women to complete a DIY project with the motivation of "to make other people I live with happy," meanwhile women are significantly more likely to be motivated by "making their home a wonderful place to live."

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BHG conducted a multi-phase research study to understand the latest DIY trends. This study surveyed 1,000 Americans who are at least partially responsible for home improvement decisions and have completed a home project in the last 12 months across a wide range of demographics including age, race, income and geographic location to better understand their attitudes & behavior in the DIY space.

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